What Is Coaching?

Anne Rickover, Life Coach

Anne Rickover

What Happens in a Coaching Session?
Coaching helps you look at your strengths and use them to meet your challenges.  In our sessions, you set the agenda, and together we set goals and break them into manageable steps. I offer support and keep you accountable for the goals you set for yourself.

What Coaching Isn’t
Coaches aren’t counselors and don’t diagnose or treat mental illness.  They  don’t provide legal or medical advice.

Coaching by Phone
I generally coach over the phone in 50 minute sessions. Phone sessions allow me to work with people at a distance and save you the time needed to get to and from appointments.   If you are local, we can arrange in-person meetings if you prefer.

The charge per session is $60.00. You are free to choose how often you’d like coaching sessions; most clients choose either two or three sessions per month.  Additionally you are free to contact me occasionally by email or other short phone calls as needed between sessions.

About Anne Rickover
I completed my coach training in 2003, and have been coaching since then.  I have a BA in English and Linguistics, and an MS in Speech Pathology. I taught in a variety of school settings for 32 years, including private prep school, public schools (elementary through high school), community college and university. I taught refugees from around the world for 21 years.

My mission is to use all my training and experience to help you as you care for your parents.
I look forward to hearing from you!